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New Age:

1. Luminescence

2. Sacred Forest

3. 4 a.m.

4. Illusion

5. Son Of My Universe

6. Mist In The Trees

7. Lover's Dream

8. Serendipity

9. Falling Snowflakes

10. Break Of Dawn



Themes From Beowulf
Title piece
The Kingdom of Heorot
At Time Of Feasting
But in the dark moor . . .

There was a youth in the land of the Geats named Beowulf

Beowulf comes to Heorot to rid them of the monster
Hrothgar Welcomes Beowulf

Beowulf counters Unferth's lies about him
Winner September, 2007 of Universal Audio's "Playback"view @ http://www.uaudio.com/webzine/2007/september/index.html

King Hrothgar wishes Beowulf well in his quest to kill Grendel
The Queen enters to wish Beowulf well - The warriors hide, awaiting Grendel's attack
Grendel attacks!
Grendel's mortal days are ended. Beowulf prevails !
Now, the kingdom of Heorot is fearless of monster at last!


Violin & Piano:

1, Cobwebs (Click To Play)

R&B / Pop:

1. Make Believe (Click To Play)

Wave Type Jazz:

1. Bus Stop (Click To Play)