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Below tracks are available for your next project - licensing through Boosey & Hawkes (Booseytracks)
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(all words & music on this page composed / engineered / conducted / produced by Sam Sorensen / all samples below are for demonstration purposes only - copyright 2007)
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Med. Slow, positive , daydreamy
med. tempo, minor key, moody / romantic
starts slow - tempo increases, wonder, passion
Sublime, slow, reflective, desolate

my favorite boy soprano - Christopher Sorensen, wonder, anticipation, quiet, med.-slow, steady tempo

quiet, slow, wonder, happy
Modern, romantic, Celtic
quiet, slow, happy, swelling joy
slow, joyous, light-hearted
soprano duettino in the spirit of Lakme
up-tempo, joyous, positive , light-hearted
up-tempo, joyous, positive , light-hearted
quiet, reflective, simple
strong willed, determination, passionate
extremely slow, quiet, happy, loving

I Can Do I Can Do Yoga- Beginner DVD / & Level One DVD (Click For Samples )I Can Do

Some past ABACO / Booseytracks projects for licensing are also available on i-Tunes:

Good IntentionsAll BluesP{iano Pastels 2