Seductive Affair


Directed by Victor Picena / Music by: Sam Sorensen

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01. Seductive Affair Title Music Seductive Affair
02. The Argument asking for the divorce The Argument
03. The Selection Choosing the Girl The Selection
04. The Seduction Meeting Her The Seduction
05. One More For the Road Bending an Ear One More For The Road
06. The Last Straw Another Argument The Last Straw
07. Bar Piano Music At The Bar again Bar Piano Music
08. The Kiss Passionate Kiss The Kiss
09. Exposed Fury - Release Exposed
10. End Credits End Credits End Credits
11. End Credits 2 End Credits 2 End Credits 2

Seductive Affair


"Seductive Affair" is a story about a Latin-American husband and wife, Amber and Jose Picena. Amber Picena endured a lot of heart-aches and
lonely nights being married to Jose Picena; a United States Marine. Amber spent many years glued to the television in turmoil, cringing in fear
whenever reports came in of American troops being killed; praying whole-heartily that it wasn't her husband. Every night, she sat on the sofa
motionless praying for new dreams and a new life. Once Jose Picena return home from Afghanistan both his and Amber's worlds will shatter.
while Jose Picena struggled with life away from war, Amber began to lose patience with her husbands' lack of affection towards her.
One day in a state of rage, Amber got up from her sofa and demanded a divorce. Jose Picena who's been raised Catholic becomes conflicted
with the idea of divorce and tries to attempt to get Amber to change her mind. Dealing with her own afflictions, Amber turns down the road of
deceit and sends Jose on...Written by Ashely Herron