Beowulf Reviews:

"It's clear Serralier has one of the most remarkable versions of the story Beowulf. Complex in nature, yet easy to understand, it engages the listener from start to finish. The audio quality on this recording is remarkable. Sorensen's large orchestral score composed of vivid instrumental color and memorable melodies, reminds one at times of Shostakovich or perhaps in places Bartok, or Prokofiev. His narration is world class, similar to that of a Spartan King, as he tells the ancient tale of a monster, in a way that comes from a place of a "noble heart" rather than that of sheer horror. It is certainly a fun and masterful work that I'd highly recommend!"

Center Stage with Mark Gordon - KXLU

"To venture on the story of Beowulf in verse, whether for children or adults,
is a deed with its own kind of heroism . . . There must be a hundred ways of failing:
Mr. Serralier has hit on one of the ways to suceed.

-Times (London)
Literary Supplement